Addressing the Evolving Data Privacy Landscape with Data Governance

In the next 5 to 10 years, most countries across the globe will implement some type of data privacy and protection regulations. As these laws become our new reality, enterprises must create efficient and scalable data governance frameworks. Data is your organization’s most strategic asset today – which is why it should be protected at all costs. Without comprehensive data...Read More

Enable Workplace Productivity with Digital Minimalism

In the digital era, is it even possible to stay away from our gadgets? In this article, discover the power of digital minimalism and how you can help your workforce escape the never-ending cycle of digital distractions. We live in a society that starves for attention. Our digital lives had made it so - every day, we are met with a deluge of online content that made it impossible for us to discern...Read More

Innovating Customer-Centric IoT devices

Research showed that for every second, 127 devices connect to the Internet. As we connect more devices, we build a smarter, digital society for the generations to come. But is “safe and secure” part of this future of connected living that we are heading to? Like any form of technology, it is undeniable that IoT devices have their challenges, particularly in ensuring safe and secure...Read More

Sophisticated cyber attacks call for more business resiliency

Cyber-attacks keep growing at a faster pace, causing huge losses to companies globally. Reportedly, FBI’s 2020 Internet Crime Report confirms that incidents of phishing, malware, extortion, non-payment, no-delivery scams, and other attacks increased by nearly 70% in 2020, resulting in a loss of $4.2 billion. But the cost of resolving cyberattacks is not the only challenge that we must overcome....Read More

A Whole New World with Metaverse

The pandemic has transformed the way we work—and will even continue to do so. So, what exactly is the future of work? The new and mesmerizing world of the metaverse may just have the answer.  Technology, even in the midst of the pandemic, certainly doesn’t stop for anything. In fact, more groundbreaking technology seem to be planned or launched in every industry from healthcare...Read More

Mobile Vulnerability and the Zero Click Menace

As more corporations build smarter digital systems, the threat of more sophisticated cyber-attacks grows. In 2021 alone, the record of zero-day hacks has grown at an alarming rate. These instances of zero-days place organization data in a critical position, because cyber defenders are given “zero-days” to patch and implement security efforts to address these destructive attacks. According...Read More

7 Reasons why Hybrid IT is a model of choice

Agility and innovation-led digital transformation have been the catchphrases for CIO’s over the past decade. But recent times have unveiled the pitfalls of directionless speed, and the increased security exposure of organizations with expanded digital processes. Digital transformation over the last two decades has seen empires built and fall. While every CIO strives to create the perfect IT...Read More

Crafting experiences in a digital ecosystem

What does living in a digital world mean to you? How does it manifest in your daily experience? And as a business, have you ever wondered, how you should master the art and science of crafting exceptional digital experiences for your customers?                                          Any experience...Read More

IT in the age of Antifragile

In recent years, the sheer scale and volume of disruption across industries; the rapid innovation in technologies; the deluge of data, both big & small; and the renewed focus on customer experience (CX), have been enough to ensure most CIOs and CEOs are always prepared for change. But as we fidget with the growing complexity of IT in our increasingly phygital (physical+digital) worlds, another...Read More

The meaning of Digital Transformation

Ever feel overwhelmed by the deluge of discussions and information around digital transformation? It pops-up everywhere and yet we can’t seem to get a handle on its impact on our lives? So, what does digital transformation really mean to the ordinary, everyday, non-c-suite man or woman?   An recent article I came across in the New York Times laid it out crystal clear for me. Cremona,...Read More

Creating digital communities

Platforms like Zoom have empowered community-driven organizations to bring people together beyond geographical barriers and reach a wider audience. But are such digital communication tools sufficient in themselves, in creating value-based online communities? My answer is no. A mutually-empowering community is a cohesive blend of collective brainstorming, collaboration and shared values. It should...Read More

The Evolution of Transformation

Confusing at best, meaningless at worst, the digital transformation catchphrase has today become an agonizing reality for CIO’s and businesses alike. While change has been a constant for humanity, today it is the rapid pace of change that has brought this riveting focus onto transformation. In the face of the volatility and complexity of today’s environments, a transformation has become...Read More

Can chatbots meet human expectations?

With the emergence of AI, natural language processing chatbots promise to usher in a radically intuitive interface between people and computers. Expectations abound on the age of the Intelligent Digital Assistant. But can this technology actually cross the chasm between mere slot filling to delivering actual conversational intelligence? The greatest promise of conversational platforms, as it was...Read More

The CEO Guide to Blockchain: Is it worth the hype?

Blockchain essentially allows information to be stored and updated by multiple parties in a verifiable, permanent and tamper-proof manner. Designed to complement, not replace, the existing corporate system; could this be the quintessential answer to cutting costs, increasing profitability and efficiencies for businesses? Can a single piece of technology simplify peer to peer commerce by offering...Read More

Does your Data know its life purpose?

Talk about Big Data in the technology world is often bolted down by hardware centric conversations. With incoming data sources growing by the day, questions abound on how we are to store, contain and categorize this information within the organization. But that’s purely an infrastructure conversation and all this planning could lead up to nothing if we don’t ask our data a spiritual question...Read More

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