The Evolution of Transformation

Confusing at best, meaningless at worst, the digital transformation catchphrase has today become an agonizing reality for CIO’s and businesses alike. While change has been a constant for humanity, today it is the rapid pace of change that has brought this riveting focus onto transformation. In the face of the volatility and complexity of today’s environments, a transformation has become...Read More

Conversational platforms: can chatbots meet human expectations?

The greatest promise of conversational platforms, as it was presented to us, was the evolution of the interaction between people and computers. From the human led interaction of previous technologies, it is expected to evolve into a model wherein machines participate actively and intuitively. So, what exactly is driving this growth? Are we as humans, getting more predisposed to ‘chatting’...Read More

The CEO Guide to Blockchain: Is it worth the hype?

Blockchain essentially allows information to be stored and updated by multiple parties in a verifiable, permanent and tamper-proof manner. Designed to complement, not replace, the existing corporate system; could this be the quintessential answer to cutting costs, increasing profitability and efficiencies for businesses? Can a single piece of technology simplify peer to peer commerce by offering...Read More

Does your Data know its life purpose?

Talk about Big Data in the technology world is often bolted down by hardware centric conversations. With incoming data sources growing by the day, questions abound on how we are to store, contain and categorize this information within the organization. But that’s purely an infrastructure conversation and all this planning could lead up to nothing if we don’t ask our data a spiritual question...Read More

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