IT in the age of Antifragile

IT in the age of Antifragile

In recent years, the sheer scale and volume of disruption across industries; the rapid innovation in technologies; the deluge of data, both big & small; and the renewed focus on customer experience (CX), have been enough to ensure most CIOs and CEOs are always prepared for change.

But as we fidget with the growing complexity of IT in our increasingly phygital (physical+digital) worlds, another constant has emerged – the agility to adapt to the change. Manifestations of agility have now extended much beyond speed, to include adopting a healthier business lifestyle – lean & flexible yet robust. This has meant that the role of IT has evolved beyond function, into a core competency, with CIO’s trying to manage a tightrope walk between function, strategy, and transformation.

In his 2012 book ‘Antifragile’, author and iconoclastic thinker, Nassim Nicholas Taleb introduced us to the concept of ‘Things That Gain From Disorder’. He proposed that the terms such as resilient or robust were inadequate opposites for fragility. He defined a new ideal that he termed ‘Antifragility’, essentially the ability to gain from volatility and change.

Even if we limit ourselves to technologies that have already been deployed, the list of active disruptors is positively staggering. AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Big Data, Cloud, DevOps and APIs hardly complete the exhaustive list of recent tech innovations. However, that impressive line-up is already a stark reminder that leaden-footed ‘stability’ is not an option for the modern enterprise.

As customer journey’s become omnichannel, and data becomes more plentiful, it demands a holistic and agile approach, and an intuitive handling to unearth true insights about consumer behavior.

Hybrid IT has therefore emerged as the perfect paradigm in this era of ‘Interconnected everything’, leveraging the strength of the business core, as well as the power of the network edge, like big data, cloud, IoT and mobile technologies; in turn helping traditional enterprises to seamlessly straddle innovation, scalability & agility along with security & control.

So get in touch with your hybrid side, shake-up the status quo, and let the on-premise and off-premise worlds collide. Go Antifragile.  


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