We are what we eat - ensuring food sustainability

What we eat impacts how we do. And how we eat impacts the way live. Exactly why eating right today has emerged as the only real long-term option for humanity to re-build health and resilience against the unexpected.   Political conflict, harsh climatic changes, indiscriminate depletion of natural resources and finally the pandemic situation has highlighted the importance of ensuring food...Read More

Sustainability is a state of mind

At its core is a question that we all need to ask ourselves today – are we helping to create new generations that are better versions of ourselves? Sustainability is a widely used term these days – grouping together many causes across societies, communities, countries and even more recently in business. However, we could run the risk of it turning into a loosely used word, if we don’t...Read More

Engagement in the digital space

Ever sat through an online presentation that failed to strike a chord? If so, you are not alone. Attendees often endure impersonal interactions, during digital presentations, leading to being dissociated from the experience. Despite access to powerful digital tools that are hyper-customizable, the offerings and strategies employed in such tedious presentations are often generic and better suited...Read More

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