Net Zero – The key to a sustainable future

To avoid the worst effects of climate change we need to reduce our emissions to net zero by 2050. With continued investment and innovations, is it truly possible to achieve this goal and build a sustainable future for our planet?   Environmental sustainability is not just a responsibility for a few individuals or industries. If our climate is to be protected, sustainability must be a global...Read More

Enabling Cities of the Future with Water

If there is anything that water has taught every generation, it is the fact that water is dangerous when it is scarce and equally threatening when it is overly abundant. So, how do we enable smart cities without risking this valuable resource? Water is central to today’s smart cities. Thus, we need it to ensure that every living thing continues to thrive on this planet. For organizations,...Read More

Thrive at Work with Energy Management

Have you ever felt that you never have enough time to finish your work? You planned everything that you will accomplish for the day. You allotted enough time to finish your tasks. But at the end of the day, you still felt that you were not able to finish anything. On top of that, you already felt drained and tired. You ask yourself: what am I doing wrong? Does this mean I have poor time management...Read More

Is Your Brand Truly Sustainable?

Sustainability initiatives are more than just corporate trends. They are significant organizational efforts that help reduce carbon footprints, and save our environment from further destruction. But the problem is, are these initiatives truly sustainable as they claim to be? At present, becoming a truly sustainable brand is important for businesses. Prioritizing sustainability can result to better...Read More

Promoting Wellness in a Hybrid Workplace

The World Health Organization has already declared that COVID-19 is no longer an international health emergency. But the workplace has changed - and hybrid setups might be forever here to stay.  The survey results of electronics company Poly showed that 78% of UAE employees no longer believe in the traditional 9-to-5 work hours and they prefer flexible working arrangements. The burnout of working...Read More

Building High-Functioning and Self-Managed Teams

We often emphasize the need for teams to be more innovative and productive but what does it really take to build a team that delivers? How can we engage and inspire employees to do more and work better? The answer lies in finding meaning and purpose in the work you do. Employees that embrace purpose-driven mindsets are focused, perform better, and most importantly are satisfied in their job roles. Here...Read More

A differently-abled being, but a free mind

Celebrated physicist Stephen Hawking changed the way people perceived the cosmos. He was instrumental in shaping the way humans placed themselves in context to the universe. But he also did one more thing – changed how we viewed those with disabilities. In the 2011 World Report on Disability(1), theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking wrote: “We have a moral duty to remove the barriers...Read More

Rethinking workforce for the future

A new generation of workforce, innovative new business models and breakthroughs in technology have been steadily co-creating a dynamic new work culture. Businesses are setting aside entrenched presumptions about methodology and shifting their focus to working smarter. The need to rethink traditional workforce models has been gathering momentum for some time. A landmark two-year Stanford study,...Read More

Celebrating diversity at work

“To realize that all people are alike and all are different is the beginning of wisdom,” said author Jeffrey Fry. We couldn’t agree more! In the past, employers and workplaces often prided themselves on building organizations full of like-minded people. At that time, it meant an aggregation of intellect that could be an unparalleled advantage. Cut to 2020, and this mindset...Read More

Sustainability is a state of mind

At its core is a question that we all need to ask ourselves today – are we helping to create new generations that are better versions of ourselves? Sustainability is a widely used term these days – grouping together many causes across societies, communities, countries and even more recently in business. However, we could run the risk of it turning into a loosely used word, if we don’t...Read More

Planning employee well-being

If there’s one thing that the pandemic has taught every organization and individual, it has been the value of having a healthy and safe workforce. From just being part of strategy pages of corporate handbooks, ensuring an empowered and supported workforce has quickly become a way of life for business. In this game, size no longer matters. And we all need to do our bit to build the future of...Read More

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