Collaborative finance models: The key to accelerate growth and innovation

Collaborative finance models: The key to accelerate growth and innovation

Financial institutions now depend on collaboration to develop solutions that drive a far greater change than individual institutions could do alone. Coordination in combining resources - finance, technology, and expertise, helps achieve and offer game-changing financial services.

Additionally, taking full advantage of increased digitization, collaborative financial institutions are taking heed in working together to also meet customer expectations, offer accelerated and enhanced operational services such as instant, frictionless interoperable cross-border financial transactions.

At present, financial collaboration continues to be largely shaped by customer needs, technological innovation, and policy decisions. Over time, these factors further strengthen the reasons why collaborations should be applied in their enterprises. First, let us get to know what collaboration is all about.

What does collaboration mean for financial organizations?

This is an industry approach where two or more businesses work jointly to achieve a specific set goal, activity, or production. It can either be to solve problems arising: in this case, being in the finance industry or to design, create and offer new products or services for society.


But while the word or idea of collaboration sounds interesting, what is crucial in all this, is that the organizations operate productively. Properly, harnessing the skills and capabilities of different innovations around you is an industry's greatest thriving asset; and this will ultimately lead to more success and growth for an organization.


Well, organizations cannot engage in collaborations blindly, there must be a clear approach to start with.


A well-oriented approach is key to determining the goal and achievements of the financial collaboration. Create exceptional experiences using the following approaches:


Operational-oriented approach - Adopting and implementing the latest technology to existing processes or infrastructures increases efficiency and streamlines operations. Also, reducing costs through advanced AI resources while improving business processes and outcomes.


Customer-oriented approach - People want to be treated as if they matter. They want to form a relationship with their financial institutions. Embedding technology in daily operations through collaborative finance and fundamentally changing how to operate and deliver value to customers globally is crucial.


Growth-oriented approach - Maximizing opportunities to reach new or broader customer segments than one institution may be able to reach is vital with tough market competition. Access to new markets helps to grow and expand in new geographical areas.


Competitive-oriented approach - Today, the marketplace is increasingly becoming competitive. To be relevant and to stay competitive, businesses must think more innovatively and form alliances to improve their offerings.



Types of collaborations in the business industry:

When considering possible collaborations, it is important to keep in mind the type of collaborations that are useful in terms of achieving your desired goal.


  • Joint collaborations - joining forces to create a new finance business entity or project.


  • Strategic collaborations - collaborating on a specific project without creating a new business entity.


  • Research collaborations - to advance innovation, operational, and target market knowledge.


  • Community collaborations - addressing issues or initiatives that affect a particular sector.



The financial services landscape needs to keep its finger on the pulse of the industry and remain flexible to changes with new trends emerging every day. This means constantly looking for ways to improve, and keeping its systems integrated and current. Collaboration, therefore, becomes a work style effective for handling evolving business conditions and the speed of change.


This is Part 1 of a two-part article series on financial collaborations. Check out Part 2 to learn more about achieving success in collaborative finance.


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