5 Most Common Barriers to Digital Transformation

Today, most business owners and employers understand the role digital transformation plays in remaining competitive. However, staying ahead in a rapidly evolving business environment is challenging, and while many organizations are embracing digital transformation strategies, so too are many failing to start In a recent survey, statistics showed that 89% organizations recognized that digital transformation...Read More

What have “they” got that “we” don’t have?

Ever asked yourself – what have they got that I don’t have? Apparently, what you may be missing is the Exponential Quotient! In a world that is constantly integrating new technologies and reimagining relationships; It is up to each individual enterprise to be able to exploit change creatively to experience Exponential Growth.   The year 2014 witnessed the release of a book that...Read More

Redefining Leadership and Hierarchy at Takaful Emart

Fadi Hindi was recently appointed as the CEO of Takaful Emarat – the leading Sharia Compliant Life and Health insurance provider in the UAE – and charged, by the company’s board of directors, with a mandate for reinvention and driving digital transformation. His nascent tenure has already been marked by a concerted effort towards empowering a culture of dynamism, progressive practices,...Read More

HCM offers opportunity for companies to reimagine their HR priorities

According to the Global Human Capital Trends 2016 report, 74% of executives made digital HR a high priority last year. The 2017 report draws greater focus onto digital HR practices that help rewrite human capital strategies and focus on career management, talent mobility, and developing organizational ecosystems that foster innovation. Why HCM? With human resources and human capital management...Read More

What really floats the mobility boat?

The proliferation of smart phones and other mobile devices have provided IT executives with many interesting opportunities for innovation. However, let’s ask ourselves how many of these mobility initiatives are truly architected to advocate people empowerment rather than technology prowess? When it comes to mobility, many organizations often set out building plans based on two main notions...Read More

Smart strategies to drive measurable empowerment for success

Smart strategies to drive measurable empowerment for success In an era of rapid social and economic change, governments need to overcome several challenges and tap into various opportunities to sustain and improve their services. So how do Governments achieve this complex task? The answer is Smart Government. Smart Government, by definition, can be defined as the creation of public value by...Read More

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