Digitalizing Wealth Management: Accelerating Business Innovations

Digital transformation is driving change in the future of wealth and asset management. The combination of using modern technology solutions to manage wealth has sprouted the term ‘Wealthtech.” It is the new way of delivering wealth management services that is personalized, automated, and transparent.   This move towards digitalized functionality offers multiple benefits such...Read More

Navigating the Space Sustainability Challenge

Based on recent statistics, there is an estimate of more than 10,000 firms and 5,000 investors in the space economy. While commercial developments are expected to grow in the years to come, strategic action plans on maintaining space sustainability must become a primary concern for all stakeholders involved.   Is your organization joining the next trillion-dollar economy?   The...Read More

Resolving the Cybersecurity Workforce Shortage

As organizations continue to navigate the growing threat landscape, another cybersecurity challenge looms: the shortage of cybersecurity personnel. How can we close the gap in the cybersecurity workforce? By 2025, it is predicted that the global cybercrime damage can hit $10.5 trillion annually. What’s worse: in the same year, threat actors will weaponize operational technology environments,...Read More

Upskilling and Reskilling the Workforce as a Business Imperative

The pandemic is definitely a time of discovery for the workforce. It has forever changed the way employees look at their career paths - and also showed how upskilling and reskilling is important for organizations. Read along to find out how these two factors are affecting the workplace.  Meet Martin. Martin works as an engineer for a construction company. He loves his job very...Read More

Creating a Genuine Data Consent Framework

In 2021, over 40 billion records worldwide were exposed due to data breaches—and the most common type of stolen or leaked data in these cases are customers’ personal information, which costs $180 per record. These data breaches, such as zero-day, zero-click attacks, rightfully cause worry and distress among customers, and these consumer sentiments also brings disastrous results for corporations....Read More

The Self-Aware Individual in the Workplace

Everyone knows that the employee is the most valuable asset in an organization—and a self-aware individual makes the perfect candidate for a job. In this article, discover why self-awareness is a crucial skill in the workplace and how your corporation can cultivate this kind of individuals. According to a Harvard Business Review study, only 10-15% of people are truly self-aware. Most people...Read More

The Dynamics of the Next Normal Enterprise

The pandemic has ended, but it does not mean that another disruption will not come in the future. In a time of uncertainty, is it really possible for an organization to stay resilient? Risk is a persistent component of any organization. Enterprises can never predict uncertainties like a pandemic, political unrest, technological advancements, or environmental changes. But for a corporation...Read More

We are only as secure as our weakest link

As our society becomes increasingly digital, our ever-growing reliance on data and interconnectivity is opening the gates to new risks that are massive in scale and have a cascading disruptive impact. Enterprises are under constant pressure to adopt new digital transformation initiatives to achieve greater agility and efficiency through automation of business processes. However, the dramatic...Read More

The ubiquity of risk in the digital age

1998 was the year, driven by the idea to sell books online, that gave birth to unprecedented Internet cataloguing that we now so well relate to web-market places like Amazon. At that time however, the boundary between the product – books, and the platform – the Internet - was clear. But fast-forward to 2020, we can find ourselves increasingly living in between merged dimensions of our...Read More

The right call to action

As nuanced modern marketing may have become, pitching the perfect call-to-action (CTA) remains one of the most critical steps in coaxing prospects to take the next step to become a part of the sales funnel. Contemporary customers are discerning in their choices and their decision-making process. Your attention to detail, in choosing right CTA, is likely to be the difference between eliciting a...Read More

Gearing up for the post disruption era

Business continuity and employee experiences are driving a reprioritization of strategies for businesses gearing up for the post disruption era. Have your work arrangements and rapport with peers and colleagues been impacted in recent weeks? Whether you are an employee, a manager or an entrepreneur, continuous improvisation has been part of the shift of the ongoing pandemic. As we adapt to the...Read More

Planning your marketing data strategy

Have you ever been underwhelmed by the results of one of your data-driven marketing initiatives? If so, chances are the strategy you employed was either flawed, or inadequate. Successful marketing relies on getting the context and the little details right, and this is particularly the case when leveraging data. The importance of verifying the quality of your data, for a given purpose or specific...Read More

How do we win at the Lead-Gen game?

So, your cold email outreach or digital campaign didn’t elicit a response. What next? This is a recurring predicament that many marketers face. They expect to close more sales leads, but often fall short. Why? Because, in practice, there exists a stark disparity between expectation and reality. For every 100 leads, many marketers expect to close 50, with around 30 remaining available as opportunities...Read More

What have “they” got that “we” don’t have?

Ever asked yourself – what have they got that I don’t have? Apparently, what you may be missing is the Exponential Quotient! In a world that is constantly integrating new technologies and reimagining relationships; It is up to each individual enterprise to be able to exploit change creatively to experience Exponential Growth.   The year 2014 witnessed the release of a book that...Read More

Redefining Leadership and Hierarchy at Takaful Emart

As numerous sports teams around the world have discovered, signing up a galaxy of talented individuals will only take you so far - it’s often the intangibles that make the sum either greater than the parts, or an underwhelming rabble. Successful collaborations, on the other hand, universally flow from chemistry, culture and effective leadership. Fadi Hindi was recently appointed as the CEO...Read More

What really floats the mobility boat?

The proliferation of smart phones and other mobile devices have provided IT executives with many interesting opportunities for innovation. However, let’s ask ourselves how many of these mobility initiatives are truly architected to advocate people empowerment rather than technology prowess? When it comes to mobility, many organizations often set out building plans based on two main notions...Read More

HCM offers opportunity for companies to reimagine their HR priorities

As the digital, economic, demographic, and social landscape changes for businesses; and as the age of disruption becomes the norm, HR leaders are hard pressed to evaluate legacy rules and adapt them to the 21st century workforce. To recruit, train, develop, and engage these digital natives, businesses need to reimagine their talent management practices. According to the Global Human Capital Trends...Read More

Smart strategies to drive measurable empowerment for success

The vision of a Smart City needs to encompass multiple elements, from leveraging technology to the use of innovative business models and policies. Smart Government can be defined as the creation of public value by synergizing technology, information and communication to mobilize agile governance.   Smart strategies to drive measurable empowerment for success   In an era of rapid...Read More

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