What is a leader’s real job?

A leadership model aimed at ‘directing’ innovation can stifle the competitive edge of an organization. To get future-ready, businesses need to give employees the freedom to own their innovative thinking. Effective leaders unlock creativity and foster a culture of involuntary innovation by empowering their teams. An organisational culture that empowers and engages fuels innovation and...Read More

Innovation – should it be Technology or Business led?

Innovation is fast becoming second nature for businesses around the world. Whether practiced formally or pursued occasionally, companies are keenly investing efforts in developing creative thinking at the grass root level, with the foresight of delivering breakthrough results in the future. Information technology is often closely associated with Innovation. So much so, that with every passing day,...Read More

The platform economy has arrived

Major companies like Google, Etsy and Uber have already created online structures or are diversifying existing ones, like Amazon as a web platform entering the B2B provider space. Then there are those that are trying to build a digital platform, but end up providing only basic services to users, without optimally utilizing the full potential of digitization to exceed customer expectations, enhance...Read More

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