Collaborative finance models: The key to accelerate growth and innovation: Part 2

Recently, collaboration has once again become the buzzword for organizations to succeed. However, it is of necessity to understand what collaboration is all about and the perks that come with it. Part 1 of the collaborative innovations for financial institutions article focused on defining what collaborations mean for financial organizations. We also highlighted the approaches organizations can take...Read More

Collaborative finance models: The key to accelerate growth and innovation

Financial institutions now depend on collaboration to develop solutions that drive a far greater change than individual institutions could do alone. Coordination in combining resources - finance, technology, and expertise, helps achieve and offer game-changing financial services. Additionally, taking full advantage of increased digitization, collaborative financial institutions are taking heed...Read More

The Space Economy Growth: A Global Outlook

We now live in an era where conversations about space are no longer just about discovering new planets, or a government endeavor. Nowadays, business enterprises are accelerating the space economy growth - raising capital and creating space innovations. In this article, explore the growing space industry and how your business can also pave an effective space economy strategy.  In 2022, the...Read More

Create Better Innovations with Design Thinking

For industry leaders, a sustainable innovation culture is a key approach to dealing with the dynamic market landscape. But the challenge lies in sustaining this kind of culture. How do you ensure that your organization will never run out of innovative ideas and solutions over the years? Where do you even start? Innovation starts with design. In a world where we are demanded to reskill and...Read More

Secure Your 5G Transformation with Zero Trust

At a time when cyber attacks get even more devious and destructive, is it even possible to fully protect our systems at all? Discover why zero trust has what it takes to protect the next generation of wireless connections. When it comes to technology, great capabilities always come with unwanted technicalities.     Businesses across the world are racing to migrate their infrastructures...Read More

The Rise of Climate Tech Investments

Business from all over the globe are doing their best to enhance economic growth, without further aggravating the destructive effects of climate change. For this reason, the number of sustainability initiatives are growing. But are they targeting the right sectors to rightfully reduce environmental impact? In 2021, a lot of extreme weather conditions has been reported all over the world. The devastating...Read More

Artificial Psychopathy: Exploring the Hyde of AI

According to global statistics, about 3.5% of business leaders displayed psychopathic traits such as egocentrism, insincerity, and the lack of empathy or remorse. These traits, if not addressed, can result to the proliferation of unethical business practices and toxic work environments in enterprises. Thus, there is a growing need to put advanced screening processes in place to avoid cunning psychopaths...Read More

Artificial Empathy: Exploring the Jekyll of AI

Just like the oceans, the workings of the human mind remain to be vast and uncharted. But thanks to artificial intelligence, mankind may soon have the right tool to understand and predict human behavior. In psychology, there is an age-old debate on the origin of human behavior. The debate is popularly known as the nature versus nurture theory, with equally convincing evidences for both sides. Nature...Read More

What comes after continuity - Understanding DevOps

Ever wondered how quickly the world around us keeps changing? Ever felt overwhelmed by the uncontrolled need to do things at speed? And have you experienced running fast, but not progressing? Responsive, intuitive, anytime-anywhere, real-time and AGILE economies – this is the world we live in today. Add a liberal dose of analytics and data science, and we start transitioning to the predictive...Read More

Millennials shape digital workspaces

Millennials, one of the largest demographics that occupies a place of pride in the multi-generational workforce of our companies, were the original “digital natives”. They grew up surrounded by the booming tech era – broadband internet, smartphones, and of course, social media. Next in line, came the Generation Z, born into a digital world, witness to and drivers of an era where physical...Read More

Intelligence in digital workspaces

I recall how workplaces and work were intertwined several decades back when my dad used to go to work. Going to work equalled going to office. Workplace was a ‘place’ of work. What a stark and poignant contrast to how we perceive work today, and how ‘place’ has now been replaced with ‘space’, conveying fluidity and a collapse of boundaries. Digital workspaces...Read More

Building agile organizations

Let me start with a quote I find immensely appropriate for the time we live in today. In the words of H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai – “In the race of excellence, there is no finish line”.   Innovation, since time immemorial, has been the classic path to doing things differently. However, as cultures...Read More

Barriers to Digital Transformation

Today, most business owners and employers understand the role digital transformation plays in remaining competitive. However, staying ahead in a rapidly evolving business environment is challenging, and while many organizations are embracing digital transformation strategies, so too are many failing to start. In a recent survey, statistics showed that 89% organizations recognized that digital transformation...Read More

Cost Vs Innovation face-off

Any talk of increased profitability eventually turns to its synonymous partner - cost cutting. With growing albeit volatile consumer market driven by digital transformations, merely being mindful of business expense cannot ensure long-term profitability. Instead, an innovation mind-set, driven by investments to increase product and service offerings and meet new customer demands, can fuel revenue and...Read More

Banks and Fintechs – Match made in Heaven!

Banks are now seriously taking notice of Fintechs. The “Fintech” concept originates from the combination of finance and technology and is a novel phenomenon of business startups seeking to transform the financial industry. These could include online or mobile solutions for payments, insurance, transfers, investments, accounting instruments and credit, among other services. Fintechs...Read More

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