Voice technology: A new frontier for human and digital interaction

Familiarity with AI-enhanced devices that predominantly use conversational voice technology such as Siri, Bixby, and Google Assistant has made us comfortable with using voice options in so many ways. Powered by artificial intelligence and natural language processing, voice technology is becoming mainstream and transforming the future of several industries.   Forecasts suggest that by 2024,...Read More

Make Faster and Better Decisions with Decision Intelligence

Data, while it is arguably invaluable, will not provide the perfect innovation or solution. Ask any small or big organization and they know exactly why data is significant to their business. Yet no matter how advanced their data platforms are, or how rich the data, it is not a guarantee that these insights will direct them to their next best decision in their industry. But if the best software...Read More

Control Is The New Dreamcatcher.

Back in the ancient times, the dreamcatcher was a whimsical charm in any person’s home. Now at present, humankind had come a long way from just catching bad dreams. It was first believed that dreamcatchers traced its origins to the Ojibwe people, a native American tribe residing in most parts of North America. According to Ojibwe legends, Asibikaashi, who was widely known in their tribe as...Read More

Staying in the World of Contactless Commerce

The experts have spoken: contactless transactions are here to stay. In response, corporations must continuously create relevant strategies in contactless technologies, and still meet customers where they are at. How can organizations successful achieve both goals? Everybody has already embraced contactless commerce since the pandemic happened. And most customers and business would like to maintain...Read More

Why a Sustainable Innovation Culture Matters in the Digital Era

In the digital era, innovative companies are met with two choices: to innovate or to stagnate. Today’s market is far from just learning to adapt to new technologies. Enterprises need to stay ahead of the competition rather than merely survive—unless they want to face the consequence of getting left behind. Well-established enterprises suffer the most damage when it comes to digital disruption....Read More

Continuous learning powers business agility

We live in an era of possibly the most accelerated change in human history. A critical mass in technology is driving the evolution of digital solutions that are completely redefining what it means to conduct business operations. In such a dynamic ecosystem, continuous learning will be the only viable way for an enterprise to respond to the constantly evolving possibilities and remain relevant. The...Read More

Digital workspaces reimagined

For the digital nomads of today’s workforce, the world is their oyster. They work best when they work unfettered, from their choice of device, to their choice of place. Digital workspaces have emerged as the added dimension to meet this new normal. And moving the workspace beyond physical boundaries, into the digital realm, can also embed greater agility, productivity and innovation in an...Read More

Unravelling Robotic Process Automation

The omnipresence of automation and robotics across countless industries and our lives tends to imply that these technologies can serve as the panacea for all needs. But can they really? I often wonder if it is our need for convenience that is driving this change? Or is it the new-age ambition to operate even faster and more efficiently than before? Or is it a bigger purpose, like dedicating our...Read More

What is a leader’s real job?

A leadership model aimed at ‘directing’ innovation can stifle the competitive edge of an organization. To get future-ready, businesses need to give employees the freedom to own their innovative thinking. Effective leaders unlock creativity and foster a culture of involuntary innovation by empowering their teams. An organisational culture that empowers and engages fuels innovation and...Read More

Innovation – should it be Technology or Business led?

Innovation is fast becoming second nature for businesses around the world. Whether practiced formally or pursued occasionally, companies are keenly investing efforts in developing creative thinking at the grass root level, with the foresight of delivering breakthrough results in the future. Information technology is often closely associated with Innovation. So much so, that with every passing day,...Read More

The platform economy has arrived

Can platform economies replace traditional commerce? The platform economy is about taking risks, learning and trying. Digital platforms democratize the way people look at what they want, driving a change in mindset. Leaders that allow questions like ‘what if’ and ‘what is’ to guide the creative process can help organizations leverage platforms to deliver meaningful customer...Read More

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