10 Ways How Technology Is Changing Our Lives | CXO Strategies Middle East

From e-medicine to e-learning, businesses and economies are trying to replicate experiences from the physical world to a virtual domain. Work-from-home culture, entire populations interacting with each other and businesses over digital networks have created a new 'digital existence'. Looking ahead, digital roadmaps for businesses will require them to embrace and leverage technologies that can...Read More

Types of Marketing Approaches | CXO Strategies Middle East

Different marketing approaches to help you understand what makes a good strategy and which of these strategies seem most effective. Let us know in the comments below, which is yours? Link to article: https://www.cxoconnectme.com/marketing/types-of-marketing-strategies/ Read More

Guide to building digital engagement

Ever sat through an online presentation that failed to strike a chord? If so, you are not alone. Attendees often endure impersonal interactions, during digital presentations, leading to being dissociated from the experience. Here's a quick fun guide to building digital engagement. Read More

1 Min Guide to Data Strategy

Have you ever been underwhelmed by the results of one of your data-driven marketing initiatives? If so, chances are the strategy you employed was either flawed, or inadequate. Successful marketing relies on getting the context and the little details right, and this is particularly the case when leveraging data. Read More

Our CXO Blog Box Journey

The CXO team are proud to have delivered 16 great issues on the latest topics on technology and innovation. Along with the opinions from industry experts and quick guides, we have also enjoyed delivering our series of tech cartoons with each issue. Read More

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