Digital Noise vs Digital Value

Digital Noise vs Digital Value

The information age has given us constantly evolving disruptive technologies and generated a deluge of data. So, how do we access substance-over-style digital value, in such a complex scenario?

A time-tested approachis value-based messaging, crafted based on your knowledge of the customer and what they value. Communication that builds from deep data derived insights empowers a compelling narrative, as well as your ability to connect customers’ existing values to your proposition.

Value-added interactions across digital channels demand clarity. And customer-centricity, where addressing challenges with clear solutions is as important to effectively act on this premise. Delivering specific, personalized and contextualized benefits to your customers translates to real brand differentiation – the only way you can thrive in a competitive business ecosystem.

By leveraging digital resources, you can build data-derived customer profiles, paving the way for relevant messaging, which creates a personal connect with your audience. Conversely, a myopic view would be to make noise, using a light-weight, frivolous approach without creating tangible value. This can sometimes excite customer curiosity in the near term, but is self-destructive over the long haul.

The hyperconnected world we live in can make a negative perception of your organization go viral nearly instantly, creating “negative value”. On the other hand, creating sustained digital value can help you build a resilient brand, which maintains a consistent profile even in the face of an unforeseen event.

Ultimately, the efficacy of the two approaches is what separates digital value from digital noise. While the latter subverts your products and services by lumping them with generic offerings, the former converts to tangible impact and brand recognition, based on showcasing your unique value proposition.

In a nutshell:

  • Matter-of-fact and concise messaging will enable you to connect customers' existing values to your proposition.
  • Relevant, personalized and contextualised value-added interactions are essential to brand differentiation.
  • Addressing challenges with clear solutions is the cornerstone of creating digital value.
  • Sustained digital value - not digital noise – will translate to success in today's competitive business ecosystem.


Kavitha Rajasekhar, Managing Editor, CXO Connect ME